Celebrating 50 years as Denver’s premier social organization

Stated Purpose of the Denver Oilmen’s Club

The purpose for which this club is formed is to promote the image and understanding of the petroleum marketing, refining & transportation industry in the Denver Metropolitan area.

We have a general meeting once a month and all members are invited. Meetings are typically held at a local restaurant and include dinner and a guest speaker. In June we have our annual golf tournament, which are our big charity fundraisers for the club.

Welcome new members:


Jordan Smith, Rocky Mountain Rep Agency (303) 662-8344
Kris Quantz, C.G.R.S. (800) 288-2657
Kylene Baker, C.G.R.S. (800) 288-2657
Ryan Bell, C.G.R.S. (800) 288-2657
Todd Sowell, Suncor Energy (303) 726-7051
Doug Vejnar, Suncor Energy (720) 480-8283

Nate Hoyer, Kubat Equipment (303) 777-2044 

Alexis Brady, ROLINC Staffing (303) 364-5300

Adrian Dominquez, ROLINC Staffing (303) 364-5300

Crystal Reyes, ROLINC Staffing (303) 364-5300

Anthony Dybala, ROLINC Staffing (303) 364-5300

Contact us for information on available website sponsorship’s.

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